Past Present Future Tarot Spread

Written by Jacob. Published on June 8th, 2017 at 18:54.

78 Nights of Tarot past present future Tarot spread

The Past Present Future Tarot Spread is a very commonly used spread. It can quickly give the Tarot reader a glimpse of one’s life path: where they are now, where they came from, and where they’re headed.

Preparations and Procedure

  1. Use all cards. Shuffle and assemble the deck normally.
  2. Determine the length of time for cards 1 and 3. Half a year’s time is reasonable, but it can be any desired interval.
    Suggested intervals include moons (~28 days), suns (~12 months), and seasons (~3 months).

Card Positions

  1. Past. Events or conditions which have happened previously in the querent’s life.
  2. Present.  Events or conditions which are currently present in the querent’s life.
  3. Future. Events or conditions which will soon become active in the querent’s life.

Position Relationships

  • (1) Past + (2) Present. What conditions in the present are a result of the past? What is the cause and effect in this arrangement?
  • (2) Present + (3) Future. What opportunities in the present allow your path to change? Can you change the future?
  • (1) Past + (3) Future. How is the future a reflection of the past? Will the past repeat itself given the conditions in the present?

Unifying Interpretations

Consider the links in the chain of time using both projection (educated guesses about the future) and hindsight (reflecting on memories or previous events).

Comments and Anecdotes

This spread works well with and without intention. With intention, you can see a clear path of travel for the querent in regards to their question. Without intention, you can determine a narrative the querent needs to hear most regardless of what’s most pressing for them at the moment.