Nine of Disks

Written by Jacob. Published on October 22nd, 2013 at 19:30.

Nine of Disks Thoth Tarot

Nine of Disks Imagery

6 small coins (marked with personifications of the planets) surround a large orb interlaced with two similar sized orbs.

Nine of Disks Associations

  • Formula: Yesod of Assiah + Venus in Virgo = “Gain”
  • Numerical: Prudence, Hesitation, Return
  • Elemental: Mutable Earth
  • Decan of the Zodiac: September 2-11
  • Sephira: Yesod “Foundation”
  • Ruled by Knight of Disks

Nine of Disks Interpretations

Payday and the compensation for all your hard work. This card is very positive in that it’s all about getting back what you’ve given. An increase in finances, health, or other qualities.

Additional Interpretations

“Inheritance, much increase of goods. Complete realization of material gain, goods, riches; inheritance; covetous; treasuring of goods; and sometimes theft and knavery. The whole according to dignity.” 6

“Good luck attending material affairs. Inheritance. Great increase of wealth. Completion of material gain. Ill-dignified: Covetousness. Theft. Knavery.” 5

“Gain. Yesod in the suit of Earth. Venus in Virgo. The Disks are arranged as an equilateral triangle of three, apex upwards, surrounded by a ring. Six larger Disks form a hexagon. This signifies the multiplication of the original Word, the mingling of good luck and good management.” 5

“Gain. Venus in Virgo. Yesod. Six disks stamped with the pictures of the deities of the planets form two equilateral triangles and the remaining three are interlaced in the middle. These with their beams of light show a condition in which chance and management give an increasing good fortune.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

July 30-31, 2013
I was participating in a photography contest… I was in the 4 remaining people. I was struggling with the challenge and was ready to give up. I think this dream relates because this contest was a challenge based on a lot of effort, time, and energy. My endurance was wearing thin—I think the 9 of Disks could be seen as the last leg of a long foot race.