Netzach: The Sevens

Written by Jacob. Published on October 2nd, 2014 at 18:30.

Netzach relates to the Sevens. Photo by Axank.

The Sevens Relate to Netzach

7. Netzach. Victory. The Artist. “Firmness.” 8

Netzach Associations

  • Location on the Tree: At the bottom of the right column, the Pillar of Mercy.
  • God-Name: Jehovah Tzabaoth, The Lord of Hosts.
  • Archangel-Name: Haniel.
  • Microcosmic Human Appendage: Loins, hips, and legs.
  • Macrocosmic Astrological Entity: Venus

Netzach Interpretations

Kitty corner from Geburah, Tipareth stand between them. This is relevant in that they share a family resemblance in their expressive and open personality. While Netzach is active and domineering much like Geburah, it is tempered and embodies mercy such as Chesed found above. Netzach is often attributed to Venus, Goddess of love.

Like the Goddess of love, Netzach is able to tempt and charm the heart, quenching the palate of desire. Netzach is a creative and sensuous force, such as that found in Taurus or Libra. It is of importance to mention a Goddess of love is unrelated to subjects of fertility—they instead work to soften the emotional heart and ease fatigue, as opposed to regenerating life. I refer to Netzach as ‘the artist’ because the artist works from the heart. She utilizes a range of emotions and senses, and is able to breath life into the vibrancy of culture. The falls to Netzach is delusion clouded by deliriousness and an unquenchable lust for satisfaction.

The Sevens Group

They appear to be a elusive at times, guiding the individual away from their intended goal; however, it’s possible that this level of consciousness provides the opportunity for the individual to understand their goal to be mistaken. The sevens imply desire and lust, or a blurring of lines.

The Seven of Wands

Hot energy, Mars in Leo. A ferocious leader (or tamer) who has the upper-hand on the situation using energy and force to remain in control. This card indicates forces against you and having to maintain control of wild energy, conflict, or subordinates.

The Seven of Cups

These cups may be alluring at first, but are in fact something exactly opposite. This is poison in the vein, and something that may taste sweet with unsavory results. Corruption of love, and spoiled goods. Being caught in a situation with various options and no obvious choice to make. This card indicates indulgence it what may corrode or rot the flesh.

The Seven of Swords

Shortened force, plans cut short, ineptitude. The attempt at success is shattered and partially fruitful (if at all). Contemplate what is unnecessary, weed out in ineffective variables that weigh you down. This card can indicate looking back, having regrets, and failure to execute intended actions.

The Seven of Disks

Dead and shriveled vegetation surrounds five disks. Taurus cannot handle the discipline of Saturn, their lack of agreement creates a standstill. The seven of disks indicates failure and fruitlessness. Where the five of disks may indicate the spiritual self being overburdened by material matters, the seven of disks indicate material prosperity in turmoil.