Malkuth: The Tens and The Princesses

Written by Jacob. Published on October 21st, 2014 at 18:30.

Malkuth relates to the Tens. Photo by Axank.Malkuth relates to the Princesses. Photo by Axank.

The Tens Relate to Malkuth

10. Malkuth. Kingdom. The Manifest. “The Gate, The Bride, The Virgin.” 8

Malkuth Associations

  • Location on the Tree: At the bottom of the middle column, the Pillar of Equilibrium.
  • God-Name: Adonai Malekh / Adonai ha Aretz.
  • Archangel-Name: Sandalphon.
  • Microcosmic Human Appendage: The feet. The anus.
  • Macrocosmic Astrological Entity: Earth (Tera)

Malkuth Interpretations

The most-manifested stage of consciousness within the Tree of Life, marked here in the tenth sephirah. Malkuth as the final stage indicates complete saturation of the suit, the maximum condition of the unmanifest (Kether) in fully manifested form. Given this, we could assume Malkuth is most opposite in nature to Kether.

Malkuth holds the position at the base of the tree, acting as a type of gateway. This gateway is holding the 10 holy sephiroth separate from the Qliphoth. The Qliphoth is essentially the demonic, shadow/dark reflection of the Tree of Life, some refer to as the Tree of Death. This tree looks mirrored to the Tree of Life (placed upside down), pictured with Malkuth shared between the two trees. The Qliphoth is essentially all forces that are unholy, and unfit within the system of the Tree of Life—these are energies that are out of balance, demonic, or unmoderated.

Malkuth is associated with the Earth (the planet, not the element), as a symbol of unity, materialism, and ground-level reality we are all awake to. From the human perspective, everyone is inherently plugged in to this level of consciousness. It’s through certain practices that one could climb the tree of consciousness through the various stages of sephiroth.

The Tens Group

The maximum condition of the suit. Final stages and mastery. The suit in its most materialistic form (versus the aces who are the most spiritual form). A ten may indicate the end of something, which inevitably hints at the soon to come beginning of a new thing, or renewal. Expiration and decomposition.

The Ten of Wands

The weight of the world on your shoulders, awesome power and responsibility that crushes your spine—it’s too heavy! The name oppression is given to this card, indicating an authority that is against you. Discipline of others crushes the individual’s soul and creativity. Being overburdened, especially by roles and duties the individual must play.

The Ten of Cups

Where the nine of cups was particular to the querent’s personal wishes and desires, the ten of cups indicate saturation on all levels. The perfect family, a tight nit web of relationships, all cups are full and abundant. This is for the most great, but has potential to lead to romanticizing or giving a false presentation of the way things are—be awake.

The Ten of Swords

Considerably the worst card to deal with in the deck, some think it to be more upsetting than three of swords, seven of cups, Death, the Devil, etc. Traditional cards picture a dead figure with ten swords in the back, as the sensation is complete loss of control and emotions. At your wits end, the only escape being death to yourself (death to the situation). At least it can’t get any worse (this is as bad as it gets). Possibly what the nine of swords foreshadowed.

The Ten of Disks

Extreme wealth and financial security. Investment or “old money” stacked up from years of business. May also indicate mastery of a skill, and being the most adept with the craft—enough so to be a teacher or advisor in the industry. Sometimes indicates family, such as wealth in the family name, or the household savings.

The Princesses Group

The princesses (formerly pages) are placed in the final sephirah, Malkuth. The Princesses are the fore-runners of the suits, meaning they are seen as foundational to the suit. They are typically open to manifesting the other three court cards in their family, especially when indicating a child. Princesses can be youthful in age or in self-expression (“young in spirit”).

The Princesses share the sub-element of Earth. Earth is tangible and material, providing a commonwealth of reality we perceive equally, which makes all things relatable. Earth provides fertility to grow and stability to build on. Earth is also stubborn and intransitive, so decision is usually less strategic and relies on tradition or routine.

The Princess of Wands

Earth of Fire. She’s the wands in the most creative and playful manner. Her words work more to entertain and influence her will, than to serve the purpose of communication. She is full of energy and life and can be seen laughing, dancing, or signing. When left to her own devices she can become overly dramatic and selfish, leaving others to think of her as self-victimizing or superficial. Princess of the Cancer-Leo-Virgo quadrant of the Earth, observing the Asian region.

The Princess of Cups

Earth of Water. With cups as a symbol of emotionality and intuition, the Princess of Cups is easily the most sensitive and go-with-the-flow type of person. She wears her heart on her sleeve, and is very reactive to her environment. She can be easily influenced which may mean she can get wrapped up in the wrong crowds and learn things the hard way if she is not aware of herself or others. She is a great joy in anyone’s life, and her spirit is soft and rejuvenating. Princess of the Libra-Scorpio-Sagittarius quadrant of the Earth, observing the Pacific region.

The Princess of Swords

Earth of Air. She’s definitely confrontational and a fighter, but nothing like the Knight, Queen, or King of swords. She is more or less chasing her own need for information, a thirst for knowledge and evidence. She can be relentless in this, overlooking trivial things such as other people’s feelings or needs. She’s definitely talkative, always asking why, and keeping everything in question. Princess of the Capricorn-Aquarius-Pisces quadrant of the Earth, observing the American regions.

The Princess of Disks

Earth of Earth. Like her cousin, the Princess of Cups, she’s reserved and withdrawn. A simple mind (not to be confused with stupidity) keeps her need for talking and acting out to a minimum. Her focus hones in on her crafts whether it be personal art projects or homework. She may enjoy the company of others, and has a good sense of humor. As the Earth of Earth, she is considered a symbol of generosity and fertility, such as earth that yields life and bounty. Princess of the Aries-Taurus-Gemini quadrant of the Earth, observing European and African regions.