Knight of Cups

Written by Jacob. Published on February 5th, 2014 at 19:30.

Knight of Cups Thoth Tarot

Knight of Cups Imagery

The Knight rides a horse who spans wings. A peacock is visible in the wave of water. A crab sits upon the chalice the Knight holds triumphantly above him as he makes his way through the ocean.

Knight of Cups Associations

  • Court Card: Shrewd + Extroverted
  • Physical Features: Fair hair, blue eyes
  • Elemental: Fire of Water
  • Sephira: Chokmah “Wisdom”
  • Zodiac Quadrant: 20º Aquarius—20º Pisces (9 Feb—10 Mar)

Knight of Cups Interpretations

The Knight of Cups is a family man. He has an endless network of individuals that he knows from business or gatherings. He will bring people in close as if they’re family. His face is well known and can be very popular. He likes to make a connection because he knows what power it has, as well as what power it can bring to him. Though likable, he can also be just as aggressive.

Additional Interpretations

“Graceful, poetic, Venusian, indolent, but enthusiastic if roused. Ill dignified, he is sensual, idle and untruthful.” 6

“Represents the fiery part of water. A man who is a graceful dilettante, amiable in a passive way, quick to respond to attraction and easily enthusiastic, exceedingly sensitive but with little depth of character. Ill-dignified: Sensual and idle man, untruthful, prone to melancholy and drug abuse.” 5

“Fiery part of Water, or water’s power of solution. The card represents him as a warrior in black armour, with white wings, on a white horse. In his hand he carries the Cup from which issues a Crab, sign of water in aggression. The peacock symbolises the brilliance of water.” 5

“He is the strength and energy of water, the ocean. The peacock in the waves stands for brilliance, the crab for the aggression of the flood.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

November 26-27, 2013
Select friends, family, and I were infiltrating a teacher or some important persons’ office. We were looking for a file to use to help our dying cousin. When in the office we became very sneaky and stealthy but were caught nonetheless. After being caught we were taken to a room for interrogation by the person who was running the office. She had a calm and smiling demeanor but was after some direct and sensitive information.

I felt that the office woman was relevant to the Knight of Cups because she kept her head very level but was still able to have the cunning of the Prince of Cups at the same time.