King of Cups

Written by Jacob. Published on September 30th, 2011 at 17:28.

King of Cups Rider Waite Tarot

King of Cups Artwork Description

“He holds a short sceptre in his left hand and a great cup in his right; his throne is set upon the sea; on one side a ship is riding and on the other a dolphin is leaping. The sign of the Cup naturally refers to water, which appears in all court cards.” 1

King of Cups Associations

  • King: Authority; Driving-force, motivator, planner & commander; An adult man.
  • Elemental Amalgam: Water (base) & fire (sequential).
  • Timing: Autumn; slothy; dynamic.
  • Direction: West/indirect; continuity.
  • Keywords: Relationships; family, friends, strangers, enemies; coworkers; romance/lovers; emotional attachments to other sentient beings or highly valued things.

King of Cups Basic Meaning

The King of Cups revolves around issues of emotional control or motivation to enhance relationships/social leverage.

King of Cups Egotistical Meaning

The King of Cups’ mentality is emotionally manipulative/controlling. Family-man. A people-reader.

Additional Interpretations

“Emotional, self-possessed individual. Creative. Emotional. Not particularly stable. Ill-tempered. Wears many faces but owns none. Possible cheater and trickster.” 2

“As Motivation: The motivation to start a family, which could include a proposal or suggestion to the wife to have children. Motivation to be a new and better provider, father and husband, or be more emotionally mature.

As an Adult Man: Call him ‘The Godfather.’ A kinder, gentler, more loving man you’ll never meet. His ‘kingdom’ is his family, and his one dream is to be sitting at the head of a huge table filled with kin, kids, grandkids, serving up food to them all. He is paterfamilias, the father as capable of rocking babies to sleep, bandaging hurts and telling bedtime stories as he is at coaching a sports team or offering fatherly advice. His family always comes first; for them he’ll work, sacrifice, do just about anything; and, yes, like the ‘Godfather’ he will consider doing terrible things to anyone who causes them grief.

This King understands emotions and is a master of his own emotions. As such, his ambition is to have a Kingdom where everyone is emotionally mature, meaning courtly and civil. Hence, he motivates his family, friends and community to be more neighborly and polite and responsible for each other’s well being. To be, if you will, conscious of each other’s feelings. This is why he’s sometimes seen in the occupation of a judge, as he is very sensitive to fairness and knows how to put himself in another’s shoes, to understand why they did what they did.

Very like the Queen of Cups, however, he can be too soft and sentimental. No matter how prodigal the son, this father will always bail the kid out. It is almost impossible to make him see reason when it comes to his family. And there is another problem: like his queen, he’s not above manipulating emotions to get what he wants, especially if he’s trying to keep those he loves close to him. He also, like all the Cup Courts, may tend toward depression or alcoholism.

At his best, however, this is the man the whole neighborhood thinks of as ‘Dad.’ Whether he really is their father or just a surrogate, he is the one who settles disputes, the one they go to when they’re in need of guidance. He is the father figure that every father aspires to be.” 3

“Meaning: Fair man, man of business, law or divinity; responsible, disposed to oblige the Querent; also equity, art and science, including those who profess science, law and art; creative intelligence. Beware of ill-will on the part of a man of position.

Reversed: Dishonest, double-dealing man; roguery, exaction, injustice, vice, scandal. Loss.” 1

Axank’s Dream Recollection

September 29-30, 2011