Kether: The Aces

Written by Jacob. Published on August 21st, 2014 at 18:30.

Kether relates to the Aces. Photo by Axank.

The Aces Relate to Kether

1. Kether. The Crown. The Primordial Point. The Absolute. The Supreme Monad. “Existence of Existences. Concealed of the Concealed. Ancient of the Ancients.” 8

Kether Associations

  • Location on the Tree: At the top of the Tree of Life, Head of the Pillar of Equilibrium, in the Supernal Triad.
  • God-Name: Eheieh.
  • Archangel-Name: Metatron.
  • Microcosmic Human Appendage: The Scalp, The Cranium.
  • Macrocosmic Astrological Entity: The Universe / Pluto

Kether Interpretations

The Aces correspond with the first Sephirah: Kether. Kether is the Sephirah from which all following Sephirah derive from on the tree. It is the well of spring water that fills each of the 9 descending buckets beneath it, each one preceding the other in ordinal fashion, until they reach the 10th Sephirah Malkuth, which is the stage of solidification.

In the great void and emptiness of our universe Kether is only slightly beyond what we consider to be void. If we reduce life, our existence, to it’s foundation, all the way back to its root, we arrive at Kether just before slipping into nothingness. Kether is existence without thought, feeling, or function—no definite form, its force not wavering towards either good or evil. Kether is pure being.

The Aces Group

The root of the powers of its suit. This card has the potential to become any of the other 9 cards just like Kether leads to the trailing 9 Sephirah. The nature of these cards are virtually non-existent because they have not had time to develop and mature; Therefore, they indicate beginnings, initiation, or introductions. When this is not the case, the aces represent the purest form of their suit. Interpreting the entire set of numeral cards within this one ace would not be illogical—it is a bold presence of the element in its most vibrant character.

The Ace of Wands

The root of the powers of fire, the world of Atziluth. The realm of life-force energy and will-power. The origin of fuel, force, and flame of every existing thing, relative to its nature. Passions, Desires, Creativity, Vocation, Nobility, Expression, Character.

The Ace of Cups

The root of the powers of water, the world of Briah. The realm of intuition and resonance. The origin of emotion/sensation. Attractions, Psyche, Emotions, Levels of Satisfaction, Subconscious and Unconscious.

The Ace of Swords

The root of the powers of air, the world of Yetzirah. The realm of invocation, justice, and intellect. The origin of cognition, and higher power. Initiation, Conflict, Justice, Truth, Morality or Ethics.

The Ace of Disks

The root of the powers of earth, the world of Assiah. The realm of physicality, substance, and manifestation. The origin of material possessions. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs = Privation, Health, Possessions, Security, etc.