Keeping A Tarot Journal

Written by Jacob. Published on March 13th, 2012 at 19:00.

Keeping a Tarot journal

The initial benefits of keeping a divinatory record include

  • contesting past entries (in/validates past readings)
  • expanding personal experiences with specific cards or other tools
  • solidifying technique and communication skills

In my journal I keep not only Tarot readings but Rune readings and significant dreams as well. Typically, I would include any form of divination including pendulum readings, scrying observations, astral projection journeys, etc. You name it.

When it comes to the Tarot you may also want to include a “Card of Meditation” along with your recorded readings. A card of meditation is where you pull a single card and let that card speak to you over a period of a day or two. Once you’ve had time for the meaning to melt, you can record new observations or insights.

I try to keep one reading to a page. At the top of every page I put the date, type of tool I’m using (Tarot/Runes/Dream etc.), and the type of reading (for myself, for another person, card of meditation). I will also include which deck I’m using. The information you provide in this entry should be enough to allow you to recreate the exact spread at anytime. Draw pictures and write card placements to ensure this is possible. You will develop your ability to perform readings because keeping a journal forces you to put thoughts into sentences—this may not be easy at first.

I advise purchasing a clean, simple book and a fine point pen that you use only for this purpose. The pen I use (in the photo) is only for “metaphysical practices”.

If you have any questions about Divinatory Journals/Records please ask me. I can also give you ideas if you need help getting started.