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Justice Rider Waite Tarot

Justice Artwork Description

“As this card follows the traditional symbolism and carries above all its obvious meanings, there is nothing to say regarding it outside the few considerations…” see ‘controversies and observations’

Justice Associations

  • Alternate Names: Adjustment.
  • Eleven: 11 Fulcrum, Evaluation.
  • Element: Air.
  • Rune: Eihwaz “yew-tree”.
  • Crystal/Gem: Banded Agate.
  • Kabbalah: Lamed “Ox Goad”.
  • Astrological: Libra.
  • Astronomical: Vega.

Justice Basic Meaning

Action that requires sacrifice for the greater good. Obtaining equilibrium by dispersing variables to create a proper flow within the environment—I like to use the term homeostasis. Karma, justification, and resolutions.

Justice Controversies and Observations

Personally, I stray from using the term “balance” when dealing with this card and a couple of the minor sword cards. This is because balance indicates that you must simply make the scales even, counter-weighting in order to resolve imbalance. When it comes to Justice, it is about redefining the variables—removing all the crap, or uselessness that weights you down. This process can be painful and may seem insensitive, but is very responsible and will save your skin in the long run.

“… This card, which could have been presented in a much more archaic manner, shows that the Tarot, through it is of all reasonable antiquity, is not of time immemorial. The presentation of Justice is supposed to be one of the four cardinal virtues—Justice, Temperance, Strength and Prudence—included in the sequence of the Greater Arcana; but, as it so happens, the fourth virtue is wanting, and it became necessary for the commentators to discover it at all costs. But the laws of research have never succeeded in extricating the missing Persephone under the form of Prudence. The Tarot has, therefore, its Justice, its Temperance also and its Strength, as we shall see presently, but it does not offer us any type of Prudence, though it may be admitted that in some respects the solitary Hermit, pursuing a path by the light of his lamp, suggests the way of Prudence.” 1

Additional Interpretations

“Meaning: Equity, rightness, probity, executive.

Reversed: Law in all departments, bigotry, bias, excessive severity.” 1

“Justice; equality; being fair; court cases or legal proceedings; finding reasonable solutions to difficulties; impartial judgment.” 2

“Basic Tarot Symbols: The Justice figure seated or standing between pillars, scales in one hand (usually left), upraised sword in the other hand. Sometimes blindfolded.

Basic Tarot Meaning: With Libra as its ruling sign, Justice is about cold, objective balance through reason or natural force. This is the card that tells the querent that excesses have consequences. Indulging in drinking and drugs will affect their health, just as excessive exercise can damage muscles and joints and working too much can make one neglect family and friends.

Justice urges the querent to make adjustments, do whatever is necessary to bring things back into balance: physically, emotionally, socially, spiritually. In a more mundane sense, this card may signal a court case, legal documents, adjustments in a marriage or partnership. The outcome of all of these may not be exactly what the querent wants, but it will be what they need. It will also be scrupulously fair. If the card is reversed, it can indicate bias, obstruction of the law, or legal complications.

Thirteen’s Observations: I think Justice is a good card (as compared to Strength) to stand as the first of the next ten cards of the Major Arcana. The reason I think it right is because with it we move from the physical world (first ten cards) into the metaphysical world (next ten). When I look at Justice, I always see the two worlds balanced on her scales. ‘You’ve spent all your time in one,’ she seems to be saying, time to move into the other and balance things out.’

One thing to remember about the Justice card is that it is not about punishment, good, bad, right or wrong. It is about adjustment. The sword suggests that sometimes this won’t be pleasant. Justice pares things down with that sword so that the scales end up equal. Swords represent the mind and suggest that Justice only listens to reason, logic and facts. She will not be tricked by appeals to emotions or passions, nor bribed for that matter. She will be rational and cool-headed.

The message is to that you must be cool-headed as well, and do what’s necessary, no matter how hard, how disagreeable, in order to gain, or re-gain equilibrium. It is not a nice card, but it is a very wise card.” 3

Axank’s Dream Recollection

December 26-27, 2011
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