Hod: The Eights

Written by Jacob. Published on October 8th, 2014 at 18:30.

Hod relates to the Eights. Photo by Axank.

The Eights Relate to Hod

8. Hod. Splendor, Glory. The Scientist.

Hod Associations

  • Location: At the bottom of the left column, the Pillar of Severity.
  • God-Name: Elohim Tzabaoth, the God of Hosts.
  • Archangel-Name: Michael.
  • Microcosmic Human Appendage: Loins and legs.
  • Macrocosmic Astrological Entity: Mercury

Hod Interpretations

Netzach and Hod are opposite each other on the Tree. If Netzach is associated with Venus and matters of the heart, it’s easy to deduce Hod is associated with Mercury and matters of the mind. Where Netzach originates from desire and a need to be satisfied, Hod works on a logical level and appears to be the generator of thought within the microcosm.

I give the name “The Scientist” to Hod, in compliment to “The Artist” for Netzach. The scientist is one who only works from facts, not feelings. The scientist is only concerned with information, observation, hypothesis, and conclusion. Within the sephirah of Hod we see the quick, slick nature of Mercury rushing by at rapid and precise degrees.

Just as Netzach sits kitty corner to Geburah; Hod mirrors Chesed in the manner. The lethargic and liberal nature of Chesed is transformed within Tipareth, and tempered by Geburah. This transformation takes the power within Geburah’s muscles and channels into mental power: to deduce, formulate, and execute with precision. Hod is the last sephirah within the pillar of severity.

The Eights Group

The Eights: Effortless force, energy that flows abundantly with weighted gravity behind it. The eights are about following through with commitment and may have high expectations. The sevens are circular, and the eights are linear.

The Eight of Wands

This card is very much just energy flowing. Referred to as swiftness, a force moving far and wide with little to no mustered strength. All the work done previously in this suit is no longer a struggle, and flows freely from will power—it just needs a guiding hand and watchful eye to not stray off course. With Mercury in Sagittarius, this card can indicate intellect, especially in planning a long-term goal, or something in distant reach. Committing to logistics for extended periods of time and traveling long distances.

The Eight of Cups

The seven of cups gave us a sense of false hope, only to be poisoned and dismayed by corruption. This may leave us with a sense of betrayal, fearing we may only bitter and emptiness within the cups. The individual finds it more gratifying to leave these cups behind altogether. The intention is to make a personal journey to find something completely satiable, or accept nothingness instead. Indicates turning around, or disengaging. Searching for something, or giving up. Sacrificing the instantaneous and shallow gratification for the future-forward and complicated satisfaction.

The Eight of Swords

Scattered efforts, too many cooks in the kitchen. The mind in a restless storm, with a lack of awareness to the situation’s actual nature or resolution. Slow things down and remove the unnecessary concepts, overcomplicated tools, and over-burdening force. May indicate a situation with complex variables, making it difficult to be conclusive or effective.

The Eight of Disks

Kind of like the three of pentacles, but mature and professional and at full force. Less about learning new things, and more about doing what you’re good at with incredible strength and efficiency. Getting back on the horse and riding it into the ground. Getting serious work done. This could indicate re-evaluating methods, keeping an open mind to re-educating oneself in their craft. Possibly a higher level of apprenticeship, internship, etc. Success and beauty of labor, and their bounteous results.