Geburah: The Fives

Written by Jacob. Published on September 24th, 2014 at 18:30.

Geburah relates to the Fives. Photo by Axank.

The Fives Relate to Geburah

5. Geburah. Strength, Severity. The Warrior. “Justice, Fear.” 8

Geburah Associations

  • Location on the Tree: At the middle of the left column, the Pillar of Severity.
  • God-Name: Elohim Gebor.
  • Archangel-Name: Khamael.
  • Microcosmic Human Appendage: The right arm.
  • Macrocosmic Astrological Entity: Mars

Geburah Interpretations

We return to the Pillar of severity in the sephirah of Geburah. The fifth sephirah is often associated with the traits of Mars, God of war.

Let’s return to the metaphor of Chesed as a government using a system of classical liberalism. The lack of legislation and regulation would allow all citizens to do as they please. Grants and freedom would be commonplace. The unfortunate byproduct of classic liberalism is the interference of true freedom for the liberty of others—in other words, what is said to be free and permissive for one individual, may be restricting or interfering with the freedom of another. In this situation Geburah is called into action to rise against powers of stagnation and unproductive build-up. Geburah breaks down what is unnecessary and self-destructive.

Geburah is a destroyer, who works to break down that which no longer serves us. This can be disheartening, especially when we become emotionally or materially attached. Secondly, Geburah’s tool is the pruning knife of the universe. Geburah cuts away what becomes a cancerous mass given to us by Chesed. Between Chesed and Geburah an equilibrium is found between order and disorder, building and breaking, creating and destroying (which directs us to the Empress who falls on this path).

As the fives are all undesirable in their violent nature, they provide for us a way to make necessary change to work towards better conditions. Geburah cuts away the bullshit and the baggage and provides a tremendous amount of strength to the warriors in the world who fight for their cause.

The Fives Group

The neutral conditions of Chesed, obstructed and thrown into disorder. The fives represent the half-way point, the large obstacle we must deal with to get through. This obstacle often makes people turn around, but there is wisdom and a great reward within this strife if the individual continues through it.

The Five of Wands

A free-for all and conflict of the egos. A dog eat dog situation where the strongest hope to claim dominance in the pack. Though the situation is dangerous, its best the individual gives their all to prove their strength and their worth, for this is how the wands work. Represents struggle, conflict, arguments, proving yourself, and using force.

The Five of Cups

The five of cups leads to grief and discomfort. In some imagery, three cups are knocked over spilling the wine. This indicates loss of pleasure and emotional suffering. The two cups that remain standing refer to the inner reserves of satisfaction that can be found if the individual is able to overcome their grief and recognize them (turning around to see them standing behind them). Other depictions, such as Thoth above, display empty cups that have been washed out and dried by the fire and severity of Mars. Represents pain, depression, disgust, distaste, disappointment, and can also indicate over-reacting.

The Five of Swords

As mentioned before, the swords represent powers beyond that of human conception and control. It is most present in this card, that the forces which act against the individual cannot be countered or redirected. This card indicates defeat and losing to these opposing forces. The individual has two options: to stop and admit defeat or to continue on until they wear themselves out and end up with nothing. Obviously, cutting your losses is likely the best answer, but can be scaled between the two depending on the context of the situation. Represents losing, being bullied, being defeated, facing a no-win situation, and gauging when to abort a situation.

The Five of Disks

The five of disks conveys matters of material loss, bad luck, and failure. Greed and fear of loss found in the four of disks proves itself to be ironic — losing the vary thing you tried to protect. Represents illness, financial mishap, failure of plans or productivity, and fruitlessness.