Four of Disks

Written by Jacob. Published on October 8th, 2013 at 19:30.

Four of Disks Thoth Tarot

Four of Disks Imagery

“This image pictures a citadel with a wide moat from an approximately 75º aerial view from the southern wall. Four towers extend on each corner of the fortress each adorned with one of the four elements. There is one main entrance on the southern wall that crosses the moat with a second lesser entrance on the northern wall. The are possibly entrances on the west and east walls but we are unable to tell from this view.” 6

Four of Disks Associations

  • Formula: Chesed of Assiah + Sun in Capricorn = “Power”
  • Numerical: Stability, Order
  • Elemental: Cardinal Earth
  • Decan of the Zodiac: January 10-19
  • Sephira: Chesed “Mercy”
  • Ruled by Prince of Swords

Four of Disks Interpretations

A fortress with high walls means security, safety, or protection. Behind the castle walls exists a populous that must be guarded using the walls to filter out malevolence. Alongside protection, this card relates to established possessions and property. Property is highly valued and useful (typically serves as your home). This card notes a significant step in works, finance, or possessions.

Additional Interpretations

“Gain of money or influence: a present. Assured material gain: success, rank, dominion, earthy power, completed but leading to nothing beyond. Prejudicial, covetous, suspicious, careful and orderly, but disconnected. Little enterprise or originality. According to dignity as usual.” 6

“Law and order. Gain of money and influence. Earthly power but nothing beyond. Success. Rank. Dominion. Skill in the direction of physical forces. Ill-dignified: Prejudice. Covetousness. Suspicion. Lack of originality.” 5

“Power. Chesed in the suit of Earth. Sun in Capricornus. The Disks are very large and solid, and suggest a fortress. This card symbolises Law and Order, maintained by constant vigilance.” 5

“Power. Sun in Capricornus. Chesed. Four square disks engraved with the signs of the elements form the towers of a fortress surrounded by a moat. The design is intended to show the perfect government of the universe by law and order.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

July 01-02, 2013
I really can’t remember anything. The sleepy notes that are scribbled down are “More control, assurity; full Moon (light).” I guess this could mean that the four of disks have control—it has power simply by being. The full moon may not be related in any way but if it is it definitely means the four of disks is lit with radiance or energy.