Four of Cups

Written by Jacob. Published on December 31st, 2013 at 18:01.

Four of Cups Thoth Tarot

Four of Cups Imagery

“The cups are heavy and cause the plant they stem from to bend and wilt. The source of water may very well be running low. The sea in the background has become restless.” 6

Four of Cups Associations

  • Formula: Chesed of Briah + Moon in Cancer = “Luxury”
  • Numerical: Stability, Order
  • Elemental: Cardinal Water
  • Decan of the Zodiac: 20º-30º Cancer (July 12 – July 21)
  • Sephira: Chesed “Mercy”
  • Ruled by the Prince of Wands

Four of Cups Interpretations

The four of cups portray a moment of stagnation. With the three of cups we had a dynamic flow of energy—the fours deal with stabilization. Stabilizing or grounding this dynamic yields a less desirable effect.

My conclusion as to why Crowley may have named the four of cups ‘luxury’ is that luxury identifies an excess in pleasures. The fourth cup after the third is not really necessary but is present regardless. This only makes the fruit less flavorful and the warm summer sun too hot. A very subtle or minor form of gluttony.

All in all, the four of cups is nothing to complain about. It provides you with what you need and then some.

Additional Interpretations

“Receiving pleasure or kindness from others, but some discomfort therewith. Success or pleasure approaching their end. A stationary period in happiness, which may, or may not, continue. It does not mean love and marriage so much as the previous symbol. It is too passive a symbol to represent perfectly complete happiness. Swiftness, hunting and pursuing. Acquisition by contention: injustice sometimes; some drawbacks to pleasure implied.” 6

“Luxury. Weakness. Abandonment to desire. Pleasure mixed with anxiety. Bended success and pleasure possibly approaching their end. Injustice. The seeds of decay in the fruits of pleasure.” 5

“Luxury. Chesed in the suit of Water. Moon in Cancer. The four Cups stand upon the sea, no longer stable but ruffled. The Lotus has a multiple stem. The Energy of the element, although ordered, has lost the original purity of the conception.” 5

“Luxury. Moon in Cancer. Chesed. The roughened surface of the sea on which the cups and the lotuses are balanced explains that an element of excess has entered into love.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

October 07-09, 2013
I was providing flying lessons to a few ‘students’ of mine. One student was really fat, and when I tried to get off the ground with them I couldn’t because of their weight or shape.

This idea of being grounded from too much weight, I feel, identifies with the meaning of this card—that too much will keep you overloaded, and unable to act promptly or precisely.