Written by Jacob. Published on April 3rd, 2015 at 18:30.

Fortune Thoth Tarot

Fortune Imagery

A sphinx, an ape-figure, and a reptile-headed-figure are clinging to the wheel of fortune. The wheel possesses 10 spokes (Tenth major arcana card).

Fortune Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #21 Chesed to Netzach
  • Zodiacal Trump: Jupiter
  • Hebrew Letter: Kaph (“Palm of hand”)

Path #21: Chesed to Netzach

From a sphere of ‘Mercy’ to a sphere of ‘Victory’. We are descending down the tree vertically, within the Pillar of Mercy. This path helps establish a benevolent presence within the pillar.

Fortune Interpretations

The wheel of fortune is overall a positive card—meaning it indicates benefit, success, good luck, and things in good timing.

The wheel is a mark of the passing of time. The wheel can represent the Earth as it turns in space: the passing of days into seasons, or years into decades (the universe is organized). When this card appears to me, I often interpret it to indicate some sort of destiny or fate that is meant to occur for my benefit. This can either be the world providing itself to you as resource and opportunity, or the option for you to act and connect harmoniously with the world.

This card can also mean a changing of fate, for better or worse. Since the wheel turns you can move from a low point to a high point and from a high point to a low point. If the cards are good the outcome could be bad, if the cards are bad the outcome could become good. In this cyclicality, there is order to the universe.

Additional Interpretations

“Change of fortune. (This generally means good fortune because of the fact of consultation implies anxiety or discontent).” 6

“Change of fortune, generally good. Destiny.” 5

“By the attribution of this card to the planet Jupiter, it is made to represent the Universe in its aspect of continual change. The appearance of all sorts of celestial phenomena emphasises this. In the middle is the ten-spoked wheel, the accepted symbol of Fortune. The three figures attached to the wheel symbolise the three forms of energy, expressed in the Hindu System of the term Guna. At the top sits the Sphinx, typifying intelligence and balance (Sativas); Hermanubis, in the semblance of an ape, represents the restlessness of brilliant, unstable reason (Rajas); and at the bottom, almost falling from the wheel, is the reptile-headed Typhon (Tamas), the symbol of destruction, sluggishness, and ignorance. The alchemical attributes of the Gunas are Sulphur, Mercury, and Salt.” 5

“Fortune. Jupiter. Kaph. On the Wheel of Fortune at the top is the Sphinx meaning intelligence and balance (Hindoo=Sattvas). On the left is Hermanubis the Ape who is unstable brilliant reason (Hindoo=Rajas). At the bottom of the wheel is Typhon who expresses ignorance and sluggishness (Hindoo=Tamas). Here we have the implication to be found on all these cards of possible regeneration in all circumstances, for Typhon holds the Ankh of salvation with one hand and in the other the hook with which he snatches the soul. The eclipse of stars at the top of the card generates in forked lines the circle of the wheel.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

March 29-30, 2015
I was in a field collecting glowing pyramid-shaped-objects to make female-figures trapped in rectangular glass cases incrementally rise out of the surface. Everything was a mint-green color and looked like some PlayStation 1 graphics or something; I was pissed at Jonathan D. because he wasn’t prepared for our camping trip, so we kept making difficult tops off the freeway. We had my car and his monster truck. I remember the one-room hotel up in the middle of no where (you get to it using the road to middle-town) that sits in the corner of the top of a crowded hill that is very unpopular and weirdly vacant…I think that’s where we were headed.