Five of Cups

Written by Jacob. Published on January 1st, 2014 at 18:01.

Five of Cups Thoth Tarot

Five of Cups Imagery

“Five cups are arranged as an inverted pentagram. Like the 5 of Disks, the 5 of cups is inverted meaning the spirit is trumped by materialistic issues. The heat of fiery Mars has dried water from the cups, stagnated the pool behind, and filled the sky with a red glow.” 6

Five of Cups Associations

  • Formula: Geburah of Briah + Mars in Scorpio = “Disappointment”
  • Numerical: Instability, Loss
  • Elemental: Fixed Water
  • Decan of the Zodiac: 0º-10º Scorpio (Oct 23 – Nov 1)
  • Sephira: Geburah “Strength”
  • Ruled by the Prince of Cups

Five of Cups Interpretations

The Five of Cups is a card of flowing excitement and joy: turned upside down. Dryness and emptiness. An engagement falls through and expectations are not met. Becoming grounded by grief, discomfort, and false commitments. The fire of Mars flushes out the water of Scorpio.

Additional Interpretations

“Disappointment in love, marriage broken off, unkindness of a friend; loss of friendship. Death, or end of pleasure: disappointment, sorrow and loss in those things from which pleasure is expected. Sadness, treachery, deceit; ill-will, detraction; charity and kindness ill requited; all kinds of anxieties and troubles from unsuspected and unexpected sources.” 6

“Disappointment. End of pleasure. Disturbance when least expected. Misfortune. Disappointment in love. Unkindness from friends. Loss of friendship. Treachery. Ill will. Sadness. Vain regret.” 5

“Disappointment. Geburah in the suit of Water. Mars in Scorpio. The Cups are empty. They are arranged in an inverted pentagram. They symbolise the triumph of matter over spirit.” 5

“Disappointment. Mars in Scorpio. Geburah. The cups are arranged on the stalks of the lotus in an inverted pentagram. Love has lost its first glamour.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

October 14-17, 2013
A friend (classmate) and I were to meet Mark Zuckerberg (who was actually Matt Damon for some reason). We were meeting him to get him onboard to endorse and fund our campaign as part of our assignment. I was driving around in the dark trying to find this ‘hidden palace’ but wasn’t able to meet up with my friend or the sponsor. We didn’t meet, and the proposition fell through. I remember we were excited because it was an opportunity that would make us stand out from the other students and we were the only group that was able to take this opportunity, but it just didn’t happen.

I think disappointment fits in quite well with this dream sequence—what a let down.