Eight of Disks

Written by Jacob. Published on October 16th, 2013 at 19:30.

Eight of Disks Thoth Tarot

Eight of Disks Imagery

“Plum colored blossoms firmly planted in the earth. Disks are arranged in the shape of Populus two geomantic symbols representing the Moon (which relates to harvest cycles since we’re talking about crops).” 6

Eight of Disks Associations

  • Formula: Hod of Assiah + Sol in Virgo = “Prudence”
  • Numerical: Continuity, Fluidity
  • Elemental: Mutable Earth
  • Decan of the Zodiac: August 23-September 1
  • Sephira: Hod “Splendor”
  • Ruled by Knight of Disks

Eight of Disks Interpretations

Plant a seed, wait by its side tending its every need, let it grow nice and plump. When the times comes the crops can be sold at market for a respectable price. The process of waiting and patience, is very key here.

Counting your money as it grows, getting a significant amount of quantity or work that will pose profitable turnout. On the other side this card is also about hoarding and building up a stock of resources, finances, etc.

Above all else: Patience and persistence.

Additional Interpretations

“Skill: prudence: cunning. Over-careful in small things at the expense of great: “Penny wise and pound foolish”: gain of ready money in small sums; mean; avaricious; industrious; cultivation of land; hoarding, lacking in enterprise.” 6

“Prudence. Intelligence applied to material affairs. Agriculture. Building. Skill. Cunning. Industriousness. Ill-dignified: “Penny wise and pound foolish” attitudes. Avariciousness and hoarding. Meanness. Over-carefuness in small things at the expense of the great.” 5

“Prudence. Hod in the suit of Earth. Mercury in Virgo. The Disks are arranged as the geomantic figure Populus, and represent the fruit of a great tree. It signifies intelligence applied to material matters.” 5

“Mercury in Virgo. Hod. The geomantic figure Populus forms the position of the disks which appear as flowers on a great tree protected by the leaves. The possession of the fruits of the earth brings its own responsibility.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

July 23-24, 2013
There was a dental office and a young boy was about to get dental work done. The boy was running around the office screaming and yelling and would be disobedient (he was excited, not upset). The family decided to drop the doctor and leave the office. After they had done this the boy said he was finally ready to have his dental work done and everyone was annoyed and exhausted.

I see this dream applicable in the idea that perseverance and sticking to things will pay off. If you give it time and wait through it, things will sort themselves out. You just have to be there, ready for that movement.