Chokmah: The Twos and The Knights

Written by Jacob. Published on August 25th, 2014 at 18:30.

Chokmah relates to the Twos. Photo by Axank.Chokmah relates to the Knights. Photo by Axank.

The Twos Relate to Chokmah and the Knights

2. Chokmah. Wisdom. Uncontaminated Force. “The Supernal Father. Tetragrammaton.” 8

Chokmah Associations

  • Location on the Tree: At the top of the right column, the Pillar of Mercy, second in the Supernal Triad.
  • God-Name: Jehovah.
  • Archangel-Name: Ratziel.
  • Microcosmic Human Appendage: Left side of the face.
  • Macrocosmic Astrological Entity: The Zodiac / Neptune

Chokmah Interpretations

The Twos correspond with the Second Sephirah: Chokmah. Chokmah is the expanded form of Kether. Chokmah is spirit without body. This means that Chokmah is pure radiant energy and is not limited by the confines of formation and can flow freely for what appears infinity. When given form (in the 3rd Sephirah Binah), Chokmah loses many of these qualities.

I relate Chokmah to the force initiating the Big Bang of our universe, where the formation of stardust and planets would relate to Binah (the next sephirah). The entire universe unwinding from the state of Kether. Chokmah is the force that pushed the universe into existence. This is a force of expansion, one that pushes outward such as nuclear fusion or the buoyant forces found in our physical world.

The Twos Group

The expanded form of the suit, revealing an extension of its pure nature before it is given stable form in Binah (3rd Sephirah). The power of two indicates dualism, a harmonious nature; conflict, a brash nature; or contrast, a complimentary nature.

The Two of Wands

Domineering forces. Rulership over activity. The nature of conflict—one wand wishes to control the other, as does the other wand. The will in action and expression, making decisions.

The Two of Cups

Two hearts melding into each other. Intimacy and deep love. The nature of dualism—giving way to harmony between two individuals (or in relation to the variable in question). Connection and union.

The Two of Swords

Two intellects skirmish. Both are able to reconcile and justify. The nature of contrast—in that the swords are two separate ideas and are identifiably different, but acceptable.

The Two of Disks

Variety in energy creates propulsion such as two opposing magnets. Yin-Yang energy, push and pull, creates the generator or engine for movement of the entire universe. On a smaller scale indicates getting things going, multi-tasking labor, and starting-up projects. The nature of harmony, in that the variables (good or evil) work with each other to create progression.

The Knights Group

The knights (known as Kings in other decks) are associated with Chokmah. Brute force, energy, and chi power can be recognized in the personality of the knights. The knights are considered to be at the top of the hierarchy, containing all experience of the queens, princes, and princesses—but refined in a way that brings them wisdom and mastery over their resources and communities.

All Knights share the sub-element of Fire. Combine fire with the suit of its element to produce their temperament. Fire indicates animation, pride, and strength. Knights can take you out if aroused, their flames will consume you. When their combustion chamber is uncapped the fire can be hazardous, a properly dignified Knight should be able to restrain them self.

Knight of Wands

Fire of fire, his will to do is done. Possibly the most powerful court card, if not for his own combustion working against him. When properly contained and controlled, his chi power is supreme and his leadership is most honorable. He is surprisingly intuitive, in a sense that he can feel your feelings naturally—so he can be quite relatable (or come off that way if superficial). Third decant of Scorpio and first and second decants of Sagittarius relate to this individual.

Knight of Cups

Fire of Water. He is more passive than the Knight of Wands, and yet his power rests in the rippling of waves than in the initial contact. The ocean at its worst can describe the Knight of Cups at their worst, but if his desire to care for others is present he can be very comforting. He is able to read others intuitively which is where he gains most of his advantage when working with others. Third decant of Aquarius and first and second decants of Pisces relate to this individual.

Knight of Swords

Fire of Air. If he fills the wind-sails of your ship you can bet you’ll get exactly where you need to be ahead of schedule (or on time if that’s your command). He is very smart, very logical, and sticks to the path of reason. This intellect is what makes him a great leader, but can also be defeating to those around him. He can come off as unnecessarily ruthless, guided by his judicial obligations, and this of course can upset others (especially when it comes to matters of opinion instead of fact or wisdom). Though, this is the same reason why others depend on him. Third decant of Capricorn and first and second decant of Aquarius.

Knight of Disks

Fire of Earth. A seemingly kind and reliable individual. He cares so much for those around him and making ends meet. He would rather prove himself by tending the fields, than march off to war. The knight of wands leads the ship and commands the crew, the knight of cups keeps in touch with resources and important people, the knight of swords is the advisor and strategist—the knight of disks is the one turning all the knobs and flipping switches. When it comes to execution and keeping things practical he has no contest. Third decant of Leo and first and second decant of Virgo.