Chesed: The Fours

Written by Jacob. Published on September 23rd, 2014 at 18:30.

Chesed relates to the Fours. Photo by Axank.

The Fours Relate to Chesed

4. Chesed. Mercy, Peace, The Diplomat. “Love. Majesty.” 8

Chesed Associations

  • Location on the Tree: At the middle of the right column, the Pillar of Mercy.
  • God-Name: El.
  • Archangel-Name: Tzadkiel.
  • Microcosmic Human Appendage: The left arm.
  • Macrocosmic Astrological Entity: Jupiter

Chesed Interpretations

Upon our first return to the pillar of Mercy, we arrive at the sephirah of Chesed. After the firm substance of form was gifted to us from Binah, it’s harsh nature is calmed within the pillar of mercy. This creates a condition of mercy, lethargy, stagnation, peace inactivity, or idleness.

Within the Sephirah of Chesed we gain stability and generosity. Often Jupiter is associated with Chesed—Jupiter is a very forgiving and liberal force. Classical liberalism describes the sephirah well, if it were to be a form of government. Classical liberalism put simply is every individual being free to do as they please.

To reach this point the path crosses the abyss—the empty portion of the Tree of Life. It is in this area that Daath, the false sephirah, resides. There is no direct correlation between Daath and any specific Tarot card, so looking into the subject in regards to the Kabbalah is recommended.

The Fours Group

The suit in a state of stability, inactivity, and maturity. Favorable behaviors include reliability and resilience. Unfavorable traits include stagnation or over-indulgence.

The Four of Wands

This card represents a milestone. Typical symbols include marriage or ornate celebrations honoring achievements. The four of wands is the resulting beneficial products of the ace, two, and three of wands. This card indicates fruits of labor achieved primarily for personal goals. As with marriage, the journey is not over at this position, and much is to be done. Represents achievement, completion, progression, and stability in vision or desires.

The Four of Cups

The brilliant energy of the three of cups gets a fourth-wheel. Great, you’ve got plenty of drink, but honestly it tastes not different from the first, or second, or third. This is when the roller-coaster stops being so fun to ride (for the 60th time), and your favorite candies stop tasting so sweet after the eighth bag. In other interpretations, I’ve found this card to mean an extended form of the three of cups, in that, it satisfies on a personal level and represents a form of stock or saturated fulfillment. I find the former interpretation to be more satisfactory. Represents fulfillment, abundance, satisfaction, excess, luxury, gluttony, or boredom with old pleasures.

The Four of Swords

We had a traumatic event with the previous card, and the four of swords gives us a break from battle. As the fours indicate peace and freedom, the four of swords simply indicate mental rest. The outward energies negate the inward energies and results in a neutral setting. Justice takes a rest to let things re-cooperate. Represents recovery from illness, meditation, solitude (such as bed-rest), and pulling your head together so you can get back in the game.

The Four of Disks

With the honest dollar, and the reliable sephirah of Chesed we get the four of disks which represents security. This would be security in finances, wealth, possessions, and the like. This security comes from the owner’s grasp, who fears losing what they are dearly attached to. This can result in avarice. Represents wealth, security, financial savings or holding onto valuables, investments, and can also represent greed or fear of losing things.