Calculating Tarot Birth Cards

Written by Jacob. Published on July 10th, 2014 at 18:30.

Tarot Birth Cards

Tarot birth cards are motifs throughout your life. They indicate repeating virtues or vices. Meditating on your birth card throughout your life may help you discover your vocation, opportunities, personal path, etc. Because we know that each card is layered deeply with symbolism, depending on the time in your life that you reflect on your Tarot birth card will reveal different information than it had before.

Using a little bit of arithmetic you can reveal your Tarot birth cards using your date of birth. The final number obtained after reducing your birth date corresponds to the Major Arcana card of equal value. Below is an example of the process.

Your birthday is September 18, 1989.

Convert to numeric values:
09 18 1989

Add each digit together:
0 + 9 + 1 + 8 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 45

It is impossible to reduce the number to zero, which means we need to exclude THE FOOL card. This leaves us with cards one through twenty-one as possible reduced numbers. If the number is twenty-two or greater it must be reduced again.
45 is greater than 21 so… 4 + 5 = 9

The ninth Major Arcana card is THE HERMIT.

It’s likely your reduced number will be a number between ten and twenty-one. Two-digit numbers can be reduced a second time. For example, a value of 13 (the DEATH card) can be reduced to the number 4 (THE EMPEROR) by adding the 1 and 3. This would reveal a second card making them a pair. Jumping ahead and doing some math, it’s apparent that there is a set number of Tarot birth card pairs possible for every reduced number one through twenty-one. I sense that this second card simply refines your Tarot birth card meaning.

Possible Tarot Birth Card Pairings

10 & 1 = The Wheel of Fortune + The Magician
11 & 2 = Justice + The High Priestess
12 & 3 = The Hanged Man + The Empress
13 & 4 = Death + The Emperor
14 & 5 = Temperance + The Hierophant
15 & 6 = The Devil + The Lovers
16 & 7 = The Tower + The Chariot
17 & 8 = The Star + Strength
18 & 9 = The Moon + The Hermit
19 & 10 & 1 = The Sun + Wheel of Fortune + The Magician
20 & 2 = Judgement + The High Priestess
21 & 3 = The World + The Empress

There are those who’s reduced numbers will be between one and nine, which means no two-digit number between ten and twenty-one appears, which means no second card is apparent in your calculations. Typically you could just find the equated pair to this number (using the list above). Whether or not it is “correct” to force this pairing even though it did not show up in your calculations is something I don’t have an opinion on just yet.

My conclusion is that we are taking the uniqueness that is you, in the form of your birth date, and transform it into numerical-matter. We then transform the numerical-matter into the form of a Tarot card. I think that this is an amazing idea considering the awesome power of numbers.

Now I am not an expert on this subject, and I very much welcome any commentary you might have—but I at least want to share what I understand so far. My feelings on Tarot birth cards is pretty superficial, so I do not stress about them in my own practice. I find that it’s a fun exercise to do and that it can help with personal growth to a degree.