Binah: The Threes and The Queens

Written by Jacob. Published on September 16th, 2014 at 18:30.

Binah relates to the Threes. Photo by Axank. Binah relates to the Queens. Photo by Axank.

The Threes Relate to Binah and the Queens

3. Binah. Understanding. Form uncontaminated. “the dark sterile mother, the bright fertile mother.” 8

Binah Associations

  • Location on the Tree: At the top of the left column, the Pillar of Severity, third in the Supernal Triad.
  • God-Name: Jehovah Elohim.
  • Archangel-Name: Tzaphkiel.
  • Microcosmic Human Appendage: Right side of the face.
  • Macrocosmic Astrological Entity: Saturn

Binah Interpretations

The Threes correspond to the third sephirah Binah. Binah (form) is the counterpart to Chokmah (force), such as the physical body is to the metaphysical spirit. Once the spirit-like chokmah expands to all ends of the void, it draws back inward creating the substance-like Binah.

Binah can be related to Father Time. Long story short, provides us with the concept of giving life to a being, only for it to end at some point. At first, it signifies the endless cycle of time, that time is not linear, but a series of births and deaths. Secondly, it indicates that as anything is born into our reality, it is simultaneously bound to death. In another words when something is created—it also is given an expiration date, a time of when it will perish. Form, the sephirah of Binah, is finite; Force, the sephirah of Chokmah, is infinate.

Binah leads the Pillar of Severity, balancing Chokmah who leads the Pillar of Mercy. Severity within the tree is not oppressive in a way to be considered evil, rather, the left-aligned sephiroth are forces of necessary change and moderation. While the sephirah on the right pillar may appear to be desirable they too can lead one astray if they do not continue to move down both pillars in their entirety.

The Threes Group

Indicate solidification of the suit, its energy becoming refined and characterized. It’s nature is identified by the structure of three: positive, negative, and neutral; Man, woman, and child; sea, sky, and land; day, night, and twilight (dawn/dusk). This union of opposites with the facilitation of a third in-between force grants access to a spectral reality recognizing blacks to whites and every grey in-between.

The Three of Wands

The struggle of the two of wands has passed, and the third wand marks the progress of the visionary. One who has taken hold on their kingdom, their craft, or desires now awaits the rise/fall of their endeavors. Patience with circumstances, honor by integrity, strength as a result of faith.

The Three of Cups

Multiple hearts collide, producing community and representing social gathering. Co-operation, group effort, committee, communication within the group, platonic satisfaction.

The Three of Swords

Two intellects interlock. This activity keeps them too occupied to counter the third intellect, which pierces right through. Suffering, and the harsh realities are made real through the individual by piercing the emotional heart. Collision of facts and perspectives. The unforgiving collision of emotionality and inability to find reason.

The Three of Disks

Three disks turn like cogs in a clock. This is an established form of work, labor, and devotion towards a profitable goal. Much like the three of wands is integrity in spirit, the three of disks is equally engaged in personal works, wealth, or affairs requiring skill and effort.

The Queens Group

By understanding that the pillar of severity is one of a harsh and brutal nature, the Queens start to make a little more sense. Where the Kings may be strong in their outward directed force, the Queens are strong in their reserves—these genders are simply the symbolic or archetypal nature of energy (not to be confused with the human/psychological form of gender): out versus in, dormant versus active—each carrying energy, not different in strength or value, but different in context or behavior.

The Queens share the sub-element of Water. Water itself is a life sustaining element, many of which the queens embody in their personality: love, joy, and satisfaction. Simultaneously, water is an element that masks a much deeper and volatile situation. Much like the ocean, surface waves cast a glare to the person looking down, obscuring much of what’s underneath. The turbulent currents that flow deep underneath the surface near the ocean floor contradict what the observer at the surface may be receiving. At times, many mysterious things wash up on the ocean shores, their origins unknown, shadowed by ocean depths.

Psychologically speaking, the intuition from which information is extracted connects with these mysterious ocean depths. Intense emotions appear to be called up from no where. When looking at the reflection on the surface, much of what’s revealed on the surface is disconnected from the depths below.

Queen of Wands

Water of Fire. A very alluring woman, with capable leadership skills and a natural talent to possess power. Her sexual, fiery energy comes directly from her spirit, present in her words and gestures. Her loyalty to family and important people is abundant, though she can get carried away at times with her own desires. It’s often her way or the highway. Third decant of Pisces, first and second decants of Aries.

Queen of Cups

Water of Water. When others are near her she reflects their personality back to them either in the form of memories of another, or in a deeper sensation of themselves. Deeper levels of the queen are her reclusive and hidden natures. She can become withdrawn, desiring attention and help from no one, until she is able to extract what she is looking for within herself. She can appear uninterested and at times unappreciative, but her mind is just likely on other things. Third decant of Gemini, first and second decants of Cancer.

Queen of Swords

Water of Air. She is a tyrant, born without parents, born as an adult, cutting away with her sword at what she perceives as untrue. Though passive by default, she speaks clearly and when it is necessary. This cynical and crude interaction with the world can make her seem hateful, untrusting, and lacking of sympathy. When she is rightly justified, her words are wise and practical and should probably not be sided. She is a great strategist and problem solver. Third decant of Virgo, first and second decants of Libra.

Queen of Disks

Water of Earth. Docile, humble, and gentile. She encourages all good things for those in her family and close friends. She labors subtly, proving her worth through work instead of drawing attention to it. Her concern for others and peaceful nature allows her to retain focus. In the undesirable occasions she can be difficult—undecided and stubborn, unable to allow progression to take place for fear of outcomes. Third decant of Sagittarius, first and second decants of Capricorn.