Written by Jacob. Published on July 24th, 2015 at 21:00.

Art Thoth Tarot

Art Imagery

Bows appear at the top of the card, indicating the archer of Sagittarius. A two headed figure wearing gold and silver crowns is performing an alchemic process in a cauldron using water and fire. To the left and right is the (white) eagle and (red) lion which have now turned into the color of their compliment.

Art Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #25—Tiphareth and Yesod
  • Zodiacal Trump: Sagittarius
  • Hebrew Letter: Samekh (“Serpent”)

Path #25: Tiphareth to Yesod

Path connecting the Solar and Lunar Sephirah within the central pillar of the Tree. Carries a ‘magnetic’ energy, a path never to be divided, and executed in fullness such as the boding of sperm and egg.

Art Interpretations

Commonly named “Temperance”, Art is a card of moderation and the combination of opposites to create a whole substance. In alchemic symbolism, this card represents the praised alchemical process which could turn less-desirable base metals into precious Gold.

Temperance teaches us to use our resources carefully, using proper planning and preparation so our execution follows smoothly. Sagittarius, the Centaur archer, is a symbol of science and medicine. This sign is able to take a ideas, craft them into elaborate strategies, and carry them out into fruition.

When this card appears I tell myself “all things in moderation”. I re-evaluate my goals to make sure all the steps up until then are all in the right place (and make adjustments if not). This is a card of committing to action and following through to the end, much how the arrow flies through the air until it makes contact with its target.

Additional Interpretations

“Combination of forces, realization, action based on accurate calculation; the way of escape, success after elaborate maneuvers.” 6

“Combination of forces. Realization. Action based on accurate calculation. Economy. Management. Success after elaborate maneuvers. The way of escape.” 5

“The highest achievement of alchemy was the affecting of change, the transmuting of objects, qualities, colours and so on, into their opposites. Thus in this card the red lion has become white, the white eagle has become red. In the main figure, the black and white personages which were the Lovers in Card VI. are now interchanged and fused into an androgyne figure. This is the consummation of the Royal Marriage. The rainbow symbolises another stage in the alchemical process by the aura of many-coloured lights rising out of putrefaction. Putrefaction itself is shown by the raven perched on a skull on the cauldron. The consummation of the whole art of Alchemy is proclaimed in the glory with its inscription ‘VISITA INTERIORA TERRAE RECTIFICANDO INVENIES OCCLTEM LAPIDEM.’ The counsel to visit the interior of the earth is a recapitulation (on a higher plane) of the first formula of the Work. The important word is RECTIFICANDO, it implies the right leading of the new living substance in the path of the True Will.” 5

“Temperance. Sagittarius. Samech. This is the second alchemical card, in which the Lovers are united in an androgyne figure, the Prince becoming white and the Princess black, the red lion white, the white eagle red and the cup is lighting the torch. There is a crucible engraved with a raven standing on a skull which holds the seething elements whose iridescent bubbles are reflected by the rainbow overhead. All these typify the destruction of two elements at the birth of a third. The inscription on the rainbow is the alchemical mandate ‘Visita interiora terrae rectificando invenies occultem lapidem’.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

May 27-28, 2015
I was walking with poles as stilts. There was some guy who had been stalking me, harassing me, trying to take the poles. He was friendly at first, but every time I said no he got aggressive. After an encounter with him, I was on campus talking to professionals trying to get help.