Written by Jacob. Published on March 19th, 2015 at 18:30.

Adjustment Thoth Tarot

Adjustment Imagery

Compositionally, the image of Adjustment is visually balanced both horizontally and vertically. “A woman satisfied” stand on her toes, with the blade of justice between her legs held to her chest. She wears a smirk in the balance.

Adjustment Associations

  • Tree of Life Path: #22—Geburah to Tiphareth
  • Zodiacal Trump: Libra
  • Hebrew Letter: Lamed (“Ox goad”)

Path #22: Geburah to Tiphareth

An example of what happens to power when tempered by beauty. The traveling path of Aether originating in Kether is brought into the central pillar for the second time. This sensation of balance is not like before, because in Kether there was no experience to imbalance beforehand. Now that the swaying to pillars left and right have been experienced, harmony is regained within Tiphareth.

Adjustment Interpretations

Adjustment is the card of cosmic balance. Although it is associated with Libra, the representation of stationary scales comparing weight isn’t the best analogy for this concept. In fact, the balance we find in nature is often dynamic, such as the wheels of a bicycle that must remain in motion to remain upright.

Formerly known as Justice, Adjustment is about making change to harmonize. Justice can occur as kindness to an individual in peril, as well as cruelty to an individual experiencing copious amounts of bliss. Adjustment is invoked to render a situation neutral, regardless of whether you’re at a high or low the result can be grounding. Often the figure of justice wears a blindfold, to communicate the idea that true justice is unbiased.

When Adjustment appears, the querent may be paying off Karmic debt. Their ego might be put in check, or the consequences of actions will return to the sender. Personally, I do not think any one individual can determine true “justice”, that’s beyond human mortality to be determined, and it’s something ultimately in the hands of the universe.

Additional Interpretations

“Justice, or rather justesse, the act of adjustment, suspension of all action pending decision; in material matters, may refer to law suits or prosecutions. Socially, marriage or marriage agreements; politically, treaties.” 6

“Justice. Balance. Adjustment. Suspension of action pending decision. May refer to lawsuits, trails, marriages, treaties, etc.” 5

“Adjustment or traditionally justice. This card represents the Woman satisfied. This condition is symbolised by the scales, in which she weighs the universe; Alpha, the first, exactly balances against Omega, the last. These scales represent the two ‘witnesses.’ each ‘witness’ is an authentic manifestation of Maya, the one fulfilling the other by a process of contradiction, for nature is not Justice—she is rather through her process of equilibrium ‘la Justesse.’ Finally, this woman is the original Harlequin, for the wild blend of colour and of movement resolves itself into an equilibrium of all possibilities of sensation.” 5

“Libra. Teth. Traditionally called Justice, the new name is a literal transition of the French ‘Justesse,’ that is Equilibrium. She is balancing from the headdress of Isis the scales in which are the bubbles of Maya, illusion, typifying the transitory quality of human justice. The whole picture represents balance by opposites. The diamond patterning foreshadows the balancing Harlequin of the Commedia del l’Arte.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

February 04-16, 2015
Around the backside of the church was desert, lots and lots of sand. There was a concert going on, and there was seating furniture all over the place. I was laying on the back of the couch, looking at the sky and the sun was a huge hexagonal block made of very shiny and clear crystal-diamond. The way the light came through was so beautiful. There were more, one in each cardinal direction. The music was really groovy and I rolled off the top of the couch onto the sandy floor and imagined what it would be like to be on drugs at the moment and how the sensations would feel. Child-hood friend Nate and adult friend Cory were seated near me. Nate asked Cory if he wanted to go for a smoke, and I kept thinking of how Cory reminded me of Tony (and how handsome he always was); There was a big soccer/football type of game going on. There was this little baby crawling in the grass, playing with all the dads. They didn’t like the baby being there, for fear of it getting stepped on, but the baby stood up and explained that is was alright and how it wanted to play too.