Ace of Wands

Written by Jacob. Published on February 20th, 2014 at 17:01.

Ace of Wands Thoth Tarot

Ace of Wands Imagery

A strong wand appears ablaze. Ten knots of flame representing the ten Sephiroth on the Tree of Life burn, emitting a stupendous amount of lightening or energy.

Ace of Wands Associations

  • Numerical: Beginning, Root, Origin
  • Elemental: Spirit (Fire)
  • Zodiac Quadrant: Cancer + Leo + Virgo
  • Geographic Quadrant: North Pole, Asia
  • Sephira: Kether “The Crown”
  • Throne to the Princess of Wands

Ace of Wands Interpretations

The ace of wands is a seedling of energy. It’s explosive and vibrant and unruled. This marks the moment of creativity, inspiration, and desire. The ace of wands signifies the beginnings of new interests and motives in life.

Additional Interpretations

“It symbolizes Force—strength, rush, vigour, energy, and it governs, according to its nature, various works and questions. It implies Natural, as opposed to Invoked, Force.” 6

“The Root of the Powers of Fire. Energy. Strength. Force. Solar-phallic outburst of flame. Vigor. Natural force as opposed to invoking force.” 5

“Represents the essence of the elements of fire in its inception. The flames are Yods, arranged in the form of the Tree of Life. It is primordial Energy manifesting in Matter.” 5

“The flames are the Hebrew letter Yod, and are arranged on the Tree of Life. This is the primal condition of the element of Fire.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

December 01-02, 2013
There was a guarded door in my home that I unlocked with a digital code. It lead to a path out around and behind the apartment complex next to my house. There was a fenced in plot of land there that was empty. When I stood there and looked down I could see cars frozen in ice beneath me. Looking past them I saw further levels of cars frozen in ice from even earlier winters. On my way back to the house I physically attacked one of my friends, but we reconciled soon after. On our way back to the house I passed my old manager from work who had recently had a cut along her hip freshly stitched up. My friend who I had attacked showed his unstitched wound to us, and I felt uneasy. When I was back in the house I was distant from my friends who were hanging around in other rooms. It felt awkward, I think they knew I had initiated an altercation with my friend. I felt alone at this point.

It’s an interesting contrast between the frozen vehicles and the spontaneous aggression that I had with my friend.