Ace of Swords

Written by Jacob. Published on June 24th, 2014 at 19:01.

Ace of Swords Thoth Tarot

Ace of Swords Imagery

The Sword, a symbol of justice, erects 22 rays of pure light. The atmosphere, illuminated, glows and fades into darkness.

Ace of Swords Associations

  • Numerical: Beginning, Root, Origin
  • Elemental: Spirit (Air)
  • Zodiac Quadrant: Capricron + Aquarius + Pisces
  • Geographic Quadrant: North Pole, Americas
  • Sephira: Kether “The Crown”
  • Throne to the Princess of Swords

Ace of Swords Interpretations

Aces mean the seedling of its suit, element, or world. It signifies the introduction of an environmental based force—something which affects the querent externally, and most likely something they do not have the ability to control. The beginnings of conflict, justice, or animosity. See notes below on ‘invocation’.

Additional Interpretations

“It symbolizes “Invoked,” as contrasted with Natural Force: for it is the Invocation of the Sword. Raised upward, it invokes the Divine Force; and becomes a fearfully evil symbol. It represents, therefore, very great power for good or evil, but invoked; and it also represents whirling Force, and strength through trouble. It is the affirmation of Justice upholding Divine Authority; and it may become the Sword of Wrath, Punishment, and Affliction.” 6

“The Root of the Powers of Air. Invoked force as contrasted with natural force (compare to Ace of Wands). Represents great power for good or evil but invoked. Conquest. Whirling force. Activity. Strength through trouble. As affirmation of justice upholding divine authority, may become sword of wrath, punishment and affliction.” 5

“This card represents the first of the mixed elements, as is the result of the Union of Water and Air. In the centre is a sword implying kingship, which pierces a crown with twelve points for the twelve signs of the Zodiac.” 5

“This card is a picture of the intellect in its best and most controlled aspect. On the hilt of the sword is written Thelema or Will. There are two moons and the three suns on the handle, the expanse of sky behind it suggest the other meaning of the suit, the element of air.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

February 17-18, 2014
There was a broken wine glass on the ground, and when I went to reach for it it cut open the heel of my thumb. The skin came way off my hand and I could almost fit all my fingers into the hole that had been created in the tear. My martial arts instructor grabbed my hand and clamped down on it to realign the bones and skin.

A sword is sharp and can cut, just as my thumb was cut. This dream is simple: action and reaction…