Ace of Disks

Written by Jacob. Published on September 26th, 2013 at 19:30.

Ace of Disks Thoth Tarot

Ace of Disks Imagery

The Ace of Disks is marked with Crowley’s “stamp” or signature to signify ownership of the deck (a legality/tradition of trade) using magical seals including his motto “To Mega Therion” which is Greek for The Great Beast. Within the disk is the shape of a decagon, pentagon, heptagon (Thelma’s Star of Babalon), and three overlapping circles containing 666 which again refers to the mark of the beast whom Crowley was very involved with.

Ace of Disks Associations

  • Numerical: Beginning, Root, Origin
  • Elemental: Spirit (Earth)
  • Zodiac Quadrant:  Aries + Taurus + Gemini
  • Geographic Quadrant: European and African regions
  • Sephira: Kether “The Crown”
  • Throne to the Princess of Disks

Ace of Disks Interpretations

The Ace of Disks is the root of all Disks, Earth, money, and material possessions. All materiality comes from the Ace of Disks and therefore has to do with the origins or beginning of wealth, fiscal power, financial authority, and substance. Essentially the aces are a positive/neutral gist of the overall suit where we might devise that the Ace of Disks is promoting good luck, increase in finance, or a new job.

When an ace appears its best to keep things general or undeveloped much like an unborn child in the womb. We do not know a fetus’ name, gender, personality, or even the sound of their voice, but we could reason the fetus does exist and what qualities may fall within the vicinity of a human being such as: two eyes and a mouth, a soul, a beating heart, etc.

Additional Interpretations

“It represents materiality in all senses, good and evil: and is, therefore, in a sense, illusionary: it shows material gain, labour, power, wealth, etc.” 6

“The Root of the Powers of Earth. Material gain. Power. Labor. Wealth. Contentment. Materiality in all senses. For Crowley, this card was an affirmation of the identity of sun and earth, spirit and flesh.” 5

“The Ace of Disks represents the last of the feminine symbols; it is the twin sister of Air, and its bride. It is not only Earth, but matter as such. Per contra, the Disk is the whirling symbol of Space. The Disk is winged to indicate its spiritual origin.” 5

“This is primitive earth, both as a whirling planet and a substance. The movement of the planet is suggested by the wings. The Greek inscription is ‘to the mark of the Beast’ and implies the earthy element.” 5

Axank’s Dream Recall

June 24-25, 2013
From what I remember I was standing in a walkway holding something. Other people I was with were talking to me or and possibly motioning me to move from one place to another. I just remember that I owned this object that it was my possession. I couldn’t even really say what the object was or where I was. I think this reflects that we don’t know much about the Aces other than that it is the unbodied seed of a concept or manifestation.