78 Nights of Tarot

Hello! Thank you for visiting 78nightsoftarot.com. I have enjoyed 11 years of studying the Tarot and sharing my journey with you all on this blog. After much consideration I have decided to close this project and redistribute my focus elsewhere.

This blog was born out of a sincere moment of fascination to get closer to the Tarot. Even though 78 Nights of Tarot has done a lot for me I have now surpassed this. My experiences are shifting and I am needed elsewhere.

I want to thank everyone who purchased a reading from me. Thank you everyone who donated to this project or promoted it in some way. I even want to thank those who challenged me on what I claimed to know about the Tarot. One way or another you have all helped shape the path I'm on today.

The Tarot is profound and powerful—it continues to teach and guide me. Should you feel compelled to reach out you may email me at 78nightsoftarot@gmail.com.